Why Does Mineral Oil Have Such A Bad Reputation?

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A very long time ago a reader asked me to address the issue of mineral oil in my blog.  I am just now getting around to writing this post.  My apologizes to that reader.

Let me start off with information about mineral oil that I found on the holistic lifestyle website The Chalk Board:

Toxic Tuesday Ingredient Focus: Mineral Oil (aka Paraffinum Liquidum)

WHAT IS IT? An extremely cheap & common petroleum derivative (refined crude oil petrochemical) which is found in 98% of skincare products sold in the US.

HEALTH RISK: Petrochemicals contain neurotoxins which damage the nervous system. Mineral oil forms a film on the surface of your skin that can not be absorbed, thereby blocking the pores and the skin’s natural respiration. It traps dirt and bacteria and blocks the absorption of vitamins/minerals/botanicals that may be in a product. John Hopkins University named mineral oil in cosmetics…

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Past Work

We’ve got some catching up to do


So it’s a long long long time coming for one of my posts but hey, I’m back so no complaining. Just kidding, please complain at me, it will keep me motivated to keep posting.

    Anyways the design above is my take on the nails that Rachel Weisz has in Oz the Great and Power. Terrible movie but really awesome nails.
    I used a Ciate polish as the base. It was very soft and matte in finish, and really gave me the translucent look I was going for. Then I topped it with one of my black nail art polishes to get that geometric look I was going for. Then just to really make it fierce, I added a Kiss Matte top coat to seal in the beauty.
    I think it turned out well… What do you think?
    I also did “another” mani from this one by filling it in with red. Which one do you like better??




I just realised the link to my Instagram in my About page was broken. It isn’t anymore so if anyone wants to, feel free to go take a gander over there! 🙂

Also here’s a poor excuse for nail art. College is rough, I know I’ve made this excuse before but it’s pretty busy. I digress, here they are.


Nails of the Day

Some Nail Love for Me and You

Okay so college has been tedious for me… In a good way though. I’ve done my nails so many times in the past three weeks, but being the scatterbrained person I am, I kind of forget to document many of my designs… Still, I should be posting all that I have done. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

It started looking like this…



And ended up like this. What do you think of the transformation the design took?

Nails of the Day

Hex Nails of the Day

Okay so I promised more hex glitter! I had a total blast with this mani! If you’d like a tutorial to the hex glitter placement, you should checkout PackAPunchPolish on YouTube! She’s got amazing tutorials for a lot of stuff but look for the video that says review and tutorial for hex glitter placement. At least I think it’s something like that… Well, without further ado, here’s mein nails!


The glitters I used were super holographic. In fact all the green ones are actually blue… But I still like the way it turned out! Enjoy!!